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Enghien Brun

Top-fermented beer, regional beer type.

The unique blend of malt varieties gives an exceptional aroma. An unforgettable beer that caresses the nose as well as the taste buds.


Silly Scotch

Top-fermented beer, Scotch type.

Silly Scotch was born from a unique tradition and, throughout the years, has grown into a reference beer for its particular style. Its lovely red colour with more than a hint of copper is hidden below a beige head. Its complex aromas breathe the scent of brioche accompanied by raisins, fruit jam and fresh raspberry. This is a generous, full-mouthed beer reminiscent of a liqueur. The initial, most striking impressions are those of honey and caramel. The flavours of prunes and roast malt come through in the finish. There is a refreshing aftertaste.


Silly Session IPA

Top-fermented beer, Session IPA type.

Silly Session IPA is a light beer, which allows you to quench your thirst and enjoy the balanced flavors of malt and hops. Its aroma of citrus and exotic fruits is followed by a slightly bitter flavor. The quality of Citra hops and malts results in a very refreshing beer, ideal for sharing a convivial moment on a hot summer day with friends.


Silly Sour

Sour beer.

The Silly Sour has been part of our range ever since our brewery was founded by Marcelin Meynsbrughen in 1850. It is brewed with 13% of young beer and 87% of aged beer. The result is a complex beer, fruity and pleasantly acidic. It provides very intense and refreshing sensations.

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