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Abbey de Forest

Top-fermented beer, abbey type with in-bottle re-fermentation.

A subtly perfumed aroma precedes a slightly bitter taste. The Abbaye de Forest tickles the taste buds with fruity impressions of raisins that culminate in a pleasantly zesty, bitter finish.


Enghien Blonde

Top-fermented beer, regional beer type.

The aroma and taste of this beer compose a successful symphony, conducted with care but not in an overstrict manner. The initial taste gives an impression of bitterness that never becomes overpowering, balanced by, where necessary, a round mildness in the centre and at the finish.


The quality hops and the pure malt work together to deliver a harmonious recital.


Enghien d'Hiver

Top-fermented beer, tripel type, re-fermented in the bottle.

This Christmas beer has a taste that alternates between fresh and warm, always with a pleasant, slightly bitter undercurrent. From the first tasting you experience a rounded taste and the tingly sensation of vanilla with a hint of pepper.


Silly Bio

Bottom fermented beer, organic pils type.

Silly Bio Pils is milder than Silly Pils. This thirst-quencher has a malty taste that is followed by touches of bitter hops that don’t linger overlong and do not descend into tartness.


A light pils beer with an amazing taste.


Silly Triple Bio

Top fermented beer, organic Triple type.

On the nose, this particularly expressive beer combines flavors of apple, banana and honey. Its flavor is the right balance between freshness and heat. The tasting ends with a subtle bitterness and exquisite notes of yeast.


Silly Pils

Bottom fermented beer, pils type.

First and foremost you notice the malt in this beer. This taste is followed by subtle impressions of hop bitters that do not overstay their welcome and never veer toward tartness. A pils beer with an amazing taste that makes for a splendid thirst-quencher.


Triple Swaf

Blonde beer with coriander.

Triple Swaf is a 100% original recipe blond beer with in-bottle fermentation, brewed by the Brasserie de Silly. Upon tasting, this 8% vol. triple starts with a spicy side on the nose and continues with a discreet yet very present bitterness. All this on a generous body with a very good length in the mouth.

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