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Pink Killer

Top-fermented beer, of the fruity white beer type.

Pink Killer is a pleasant, slightly sweet, fruity thirst-quencher based on malt, wheat and pink grapefruit, hence its striking colour and the whiff of citrus characteristic of this fruit. A very tasty beer when you just want to quench your thirst.


Silly Scream

Top-fermented Kriek beer.

Silly Kriek is a harmonious blend of white beer and cherry juice. It has a beautiful red color, and is surmounted by a creamy foam. Its taste is sublime and it will delight lovers of fruity beers.


Silly Rouge

Brown Cherry Beer.

The Silly Rouge is a balanced blend of brown beer and natural cherry juices. Ruby-red in colour, this beer has a powerful taste of cherries with a hint of sour coming from the cherry pips. Silly Rouge is an excellent tasting beer.

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